Simple and intuitive complete management tool for your sports club, dance, martial arts, etc...

Crossbook is an application designed to facilitate the management of your sports clubs.
This application has been set up to manage your sports club in a simpler and more intuitive way.
Whether you have a martial arts club, a dance club, etc. this software will simplify your life.

Easier member management

With Crossbook, you have an all-in-one application.
The platform brings together all the features you are looking for in a sports club management application.
User-friendly and ergonomic, Crossbook is very easy to use.

Crossbook assists you in the management of subscribers, groups and prospects. The application also integrates a “multi-criteria search” function. So you can search for your members according to their type of subscription, their courses, etc.

As for financial information, Crossbook has a direct debit functionality via SEPA file.
In addition, the user interface is optimised and regularly updated for an optimal user experience and to manage the scheduling of your courses from your administration area.

Easier subscription management

This application also offers management of tariffs, subscription formulas and other commercial aspects.
Crossbook helps you to manage registrations and renewals more efficiently.
This application simplifies access to statistics, dashboards and databases.

The management of bookings is also easier, as the application displays the number of possible bookings and unsubscription times.
In addition, in case of same-day unsubscription or in case of no-show, penalties are automatically applied.

Thus, in order to facilitate the management of members and subscriptions, Crossbook integrates options that can be configured, namely :

The rating or number of possible reservations
The list of current reservations
Course archives
The unsubscription archives
A possibility to send an SMS, with an OVH subscription.