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Simplify the management of your yoga club with the Crossbook application.
Thanks to this platform, you will be able to efficiently reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks.
With its intuitive interface providing an optimal user experience, this application will allow you to manage the administration of your club.
In addition, it integrates a member interface allowing each of your customers to access their personal information, make reservations, etc.

A simple and fluid administration interface

Enjoy great convenience with the administration area of the Crossbook application.
In your administration area, easily manage all the administrative steps of your Yoga club.
From a single space, you will be able to manage your club members and their contracts.
Automate important steps to save time and avoid possible errors.
The application also helps you to communicate important information to your members such as the club rules or the courses you offer.
In addition, you can also manage the scheduling of your courses from your administration area.

A fluid and practical member area

The application also allows your customers to manage their space with several options at their disposal for better organization.
They will be able to access information about the club, courses, events and programming.
Through their customer area, your members will be able to manage their reservation or make one in just one click.