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As a gym owner, manage your fitness studio more easily with the Crossbook application.
This platform has been designed to help you better organize the administrative and accounting side of your club.
At the cutting edge of innovation, the application offers you an intuitive and very easy to use interface.
Thanks to it, you will be able to better manage subscriptions and membership payments.

Easy management of subscriptions and payments

Make your life easier by relying on an application that can rigorously monitor your members’ subscriptions and payments.
A dynamic interface helps you manage member payments, information about each member and their respective courses.
Members will also have access to a space dedicated to them.
This allows them to manage the reservations they have made.
They will also be able to view important information about the courses or the club.

The Crossbook application gives you access to an option that makes it easier to schedule your fitness classes.
By choosing the application, you will save a maximum of time and avoid possible errors since everything can be automated.

Better control of coach invoices

Checking invoices and checking for overdue payments is not always easy.
With the Crossbook application, everything becomes easier.
Indeed, the tool integrates an interface that allows you to record the hours worked by the coach.
It will then be easier to check his weekly or monthly invoice, depending on your organization.

For sports club owners, choosing the Crossbook application is an interesting alternative.
On a single platform, you can manage everything. Reservations, courses, subscriptions, membership lists, accounting… the application is a real godsend to simplify your daily life.