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Manage your Crossfit box in a simple, fast and efficient way with our management application specially dedicated to sports clubs.
Managing your Crossfit box becomes child’s play with this easy-to-use platform.
Save time and simplify your life with this platform that can be accessed from anywhere.
Our administration interface allows you to make the most of it via an intuitive interface.

Member Management

Easily manage all your customer and contract details with our application.
Spend more time in your box by relieving you of many administrative tasks.
To reduce manual work while avoiding administrative errors, automate your key processes.

By using this application, save time and worry about membership management, payments and product access and sales.
Facilitate registrations, make direct debit payments automatically, and boost your sales

Management of courses and events

Managing your Crossfit box has never been easier.
Add, edit or delete your classes in no time with our all-in-one management application.
The software gives you the ability to set up different types of courses and events related to your Crossfit box.
The application allows you to view all of your courses and events on the same schedule and access scores and statistics.

Course programing

Thanks to this application, you can more easily communicate information about the courses assigned to your coaches.
You will thus be able to provide more details concerning the course of the sessions, in particular via an explanatory video.

Managing statistics and scores

Follow the evolution of your Crossfit box in real time thanks to the statistics and tools integrated by the system.
We provide you with numerous reports, to be filtered and customized, for a global view of the box and a concrete vision of each user.
The software allows you to access statistics by athlete and statistics by movement.

You also benefit from a powerful and multi-platform web interface.
Our system is constantly updated and adapts to all mobile devices.
Manage everything internally and benefit from an application that can be adapted and configured according to your activities.

Easy to use member interface

The application offers many options for your customers.
Reservations are made with a single click.
Customers receive email alerts once a place becomes available on a course they would like to join.

The application gives access to a management of your scores according to the WOD of your box.
The member interface also integrates a WOD score encoding, as well as a comparison with other members.
A score encoding on the Benchmarks is also available via the application.